Five Tips For Buying A Home Entertainment System

by Hans Dekker

Looking for a new home entertainment system? Here are five tips for choosing the best model for your home environment.

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Portable Digital Audio MP3 Players - Are The New Technologies Better?

by Robert Bacal

There are now three different options available to buyers of portable MP3 and audio players. There are the newer hard drive based players, such as the Ipod. There are also memory based (flash or otherwise) players that store audio files in the memory in the players, like the Yepp, IRock, IRiver, and Iaudio. Finally, there's the older technology -- cd players that use regular cd disks for storage, and can play both MP3 and regular audio disks.

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Your Car Stereo's System - 5 Tips to Professional Results

by George Steiner and Judy Steiner

You have chosen your new car stereo and now it is time to install. The final result will depend on the quality of the installation. It won't matter how expensive your car stereos system is if you do not install it correctly. Your speaker sound will depend on the amplifier and the type of enclosure. Your amplifier will depend on the current, and the current will depend on the alternator and the wiring. Mistakes will leave you with disappointing results. Here are a few tips that will make the installation of your car stereos system a success:

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Music Phones

by Nicolas Fogelholm

You sometimes see cell phone manufacturers talk about music phones. What is it then? A music phone is a phone optimized for playing music. The idea with music phones, smartphones and camera phones is that one would have only one device instead of many. A music phone combines a cell phone and a portable music player. Every major cell phone manufacturer has them.

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