Your Car Stereo's System - 5 Tips to Professional Results

by George Steiner and Judy Steiner

You have chosen your new car stereo and now it is time to install. The final result will depend on the quality of the installation. It won't matter how expensive your car stereos system is if you do not install it correctly. Your speaker sound will depend on the amplifier and the type of enclosure. Your amplifier will depend on the current, and the current will depend on the alternator and the wiring. Mistakes will leave you with disappointing results. Here are a few tips that will make the installation of your car stereos system a success:

The first thing you should do is determine the location of the speakers. Speaker location is the key to quality sound. The distance between the left and right speakers and the distance between the left and right ears is not always the same. Try to make the difference between the left and right speakers as little as possible. You may have better luck if you place the speakers on the floor, but you do run the risk of the sound seemingly coming from below. The location of your speakers is imperative to the sound quality you get from your car stereo. When installing your car stereos system, place the speakers temporarily in various locations to find the perfect sound before you install them permanently.

After you have determined the perfect location for your speakers, you must use Dynamat or other similar materials to stop vibration. This is to prevent the metal panels from becoming part of your sound system. How you connect your cables and the location of the cables is essential to achieving a top quality sound from your car stereos system. Some install huge amplifiers in an attempt to get the best sound from their speaker. The fact is you do not need to over do it on the amplifier; you simply need good quality cables to connect it.

Now you can begin the installation of the amplifiers and head unit. You can choose to use the factory wires or you may want to give the head unit a separate circuit. If your car stereo has excellent quality factory audio you should have no need for an additional circuit. Use good quality cables and do not cut costs on clamps and distribution blocks. This is the time to install filters as well.

Building a speaker enclosure is the next step. There is no set rule on which type of enclosure will work best with your car stereos system. You should determine which type of enclosure will give you the sound you desire. Different sizes and shapes of enclosures will produce different sounds. The best type of enclosure is an individual choice. You should experiment with various shapes and sizes until you find the sound quality you are looking for.

After your speakers are installed to your satisfaction, be sure to upholster your door panels with colors that match your car interior. Installing your car stereos system is a highly personal experience. Experiment with various locations and connections until you find the sound quality you are looking for.

George Steiner

George and Judy Steiner from North Carolina have unsuccessfully maneuvered through the teenage eons with their two daughters. The countless boyfriends with modified auto stereo systems broadcasting bone-jarring bass, little room to sit due to the electronic gagets and non-existant trunks, experiences we could have done without!

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