Romancing The Flowers Part One

A story to tell, a sentiment to convey, or a sorry to elucidate comes easy with stalks of blossoms. Definitely, flower is one of the best creations of the Almighty. Variations in floral aura evoke diverse moods. In lucid terms, Arthur Clevel and Coxe described flowers as words that also a baby can understand. Reproductive organs in flowering plants are the seeds, which in certain instances grow into seeded fruits.

However, to continue with the cycle of floral existence, pollination plays a vital role. The wind is one of the agents to intervene the union of the male and female gametes of flowers of the same species. Insects and birds help largely in the process of pollination and do justice to Mother Nature. These pollinators, in search of nectar get attracted to the vivid colors or the scent. Birds and insects pass on the pollen grains that stick to their body, to other flowers of same type.

Flowers augment a decor, fill the incompleteness of an occasion, and express sentiments with much ease. However, some of them are edible and some are poisonous. Broccoli like cauliflower belongs to the cabbage family. This green, tree like stalk has high contents of vitamin C and dietary fiber as well as anti cancer composites.

Initially, cultivated in Rome, it is now, a common crop among the Americans, Chinese, and Europeans. Cruciferous family of edible vegetation encompasses cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower flowers are edible. Cauliflower would be the one with lack of chlorophyll but rich in anti cancer compounds. The Mediterranean Southeast Europe has the traces of the origin. The festival of happiness celebrates Chrysanthemum in Japan. The monarchy there considers the flower as an official hallmark.

However, chrysanthemums were introduced in Japan from China. Chu Hsien means the Chrysanthemum City in China and other places there cultivated this herb largely. In addition, the Chinese throne is named after chrysanthemum. The Greek prefix chrys means golden and anthemon means flowers. Thus, the name evolves as chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum greens are often used to prepare tea and are fried with spices to make a delicacy.

Chrysanthemums are high in medicinal purposes. Certain myths believe chrysanthemums as unlucky and relate to death. Others also believe this blossom to bring fortune and happiness. This perennial comes in various shapes such as spiders, buttons, spoons, and colors namely pink, purple, red, yellow, bronze or orange, and white. A seasoning for a variety of cuisine and flavors for distinct sauces and ketchup, Cloves give away a strong aroma and pungent hint.

Pickles, meat, salad dressings, and desserts all depend on the extra ordinary nail shaped spice, cloves. Clove flower heads are generously used in aromatherapy and treatment of dental ailments, in the form of clove oil. Moluccas, the Spice of Islands in Indonesia found its traces, but a common cultivation in Brazil, the West Indies, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Madagascar, India, and Sri Lanka. Dandelion is a weed for people who are not familiar with the nutrient content in the plant. Dandelions are useful as a whole.

Dandelions are used in wine preparation. The leaves are edible, especially when boiled or include in salad making. The roots are a coffee substitute. The herb is high on minerals like potassium, sodium, iron and phosphorus and has larger content of Vitamin A than in carrots. It belongs to the sunflower lineage.

Also known as dent de lion or the tooth of a lion tooth, this plant strengthens kidneys and the liver. Flowers are gifts which everybody loves to receive.

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