Matching Your Footwear To Your Jeans

You can change your entire look by the way you combine your shoes with your jeans or dresses. You should take a little time to consider what shoes or boots go best with your clothing choice. Today we have a huge variety of jeans to choose from and depending on which style you wear a certain type of footwear looks best. If you are wearing jeans with flared legs or wide bottoms they are complimented best with low or flat heel boots, tennis shoes, or flat heel shoes. Jeans like these also look great with biker boots and hiking boots. For jeans that are straight legged or with very little flare choose shoes or boots with a heel to accentuate the length of your legs and take advantage of the shape of the jeans.

The same advice goes when you are wearing the new low cut, low rise jeans that are popular today, and please only wear these if you are in really good shape. They don't look good if you have a roll hanging over them! Assuming you pass that test, wear heels of any kind to make your legs look even longer. If you aren't crazy about high heels try wearing a wedge heel that is easier to walk in and easier on your feet. A really cool look that I like in particular is wearing tall knee high boots with straight leg jeans tucked into them.

This is a hot and sexy look! With jeans you can either opt for a more formal look or a more casual look by simply changing the top you decide on or your footwear. If you wear a nice pair of jeans with a dress shirt and yet pair it up with flip flops you have taken a dressed up look and made it casual. When wearing very light or faded jeans choose colors for your footwear such as black, browns and earth tones.

If you are wearing darker jeans wear brighter colors to give some accent. Many women today are choosing cowboy boots which can look very sexy with the right jeans. Don't be afraid to get a little wild and have fun with them!.

Gregg Hall ia a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. Take a look at for stylish women's clothes.

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