Fact Or Lie Are There Free Officially Authorized Music Downloading Sites

It is absolutely true; just about anyone can learn how to download their favorite songs in just a few minutes� time. Truly, kids as young as 8 or 9 have mastered the process; you can do it also. When first starting out, many people are amazed at how much music is available from downloading sites. It is not an exaggeration to say that almost every song (performed by every artist) is available if you search long enough.

Searching the internet for your favorite songs is a simple process too. It can not be overstated � the vast, vast majority of music download sites are operating according to laws governing such things. There are, however, some vendors who put out music which is considered illegal. This type of music is called pirated, hijacked � or in plain terms, stolen.

This means the site does not have the permission of the artists, record companies, producers (whomever holds the rights to this music) to distribute the music. Basically, these sites are illegal because they are giving away something (for free) that they have never owned. The music industry has seen losses in the billions of dollars due to pirated music. There are free songs available for legal download, but not too many. In most cases, websites let you download a few freebies.

Once you�re hooked on this marvelous way to get your music, they are counting on you joining their site as a member. Considering the cost of a single CD (often more than $15), these memberships are downright cheap. In most cases, you can pay monthly or quarterly and cancel at any time. Often, songs will cost well under $1 each � sometimes as little as $0.25.

Many of the sites which claim to offer �free, unlimited, legal downloads� are just out and out lying. What they actually offer to consumers is stolen (also known as pirated) music and this practice is against the law. Depending on where you live, if you are caught downloading pirated music, you can face any number of legal consequences. It hardly seems rational to break the law to obtain free music downloads, when you can buy legal versions at very reasonable prices.

What do we mean by reasonable? Well, many sites offer packages (usually per month) where songs can cost as little as $0.25 to download. Other sites offer downloads at a cost of about $0.

99 per song (without a package plan) and that is still really cheap. You can download songs to your Mp3, cell phone or laptop and have favorite tunes with you wherever you go. You can save the song to a CD and play it in your car.

While carrying a �transistor radio� once was the only way to take your music with you, the internet (through music downloading sites) has changed that forever.

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