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Babies and Teenager's Cloths and Shoes Every baby reacts differently to their clothes, children when small like clothes that are attractive and when they grow up they love clothes that are stylish. But, clothes and shoes should be comfortable that's what matters the most to a child. Children are not fashion conscious but they certainly are aware of what looks good on them.

They would not even touch the dress pair of shoe they do not like. Babies are not concerned about fashion but they want comfortable clothing and shoes. If you try to fit them in to anything then they would start crying and creating a menace. Now the question is what they would like to wear? Ease down! There is variety of clothing and shoes that you can buy for your tiny tots. Like us children from age zero to teenagers need three types of cloths. This is rule of three day wear cloths, night wear cloths and special occasion cloths.

As far as shoes are concerned they can be categorized into formals and casuals. If you are buying clothes for new born or babies up to the age of two years then always remember that most of the time they spend in sleeping. Keeping this point in mind their cloths should be comfortable and soft. The fabric is more important rather than design or cuts of the cloth. They would love to wear soft cloths and this would save them from rashes problem also. Children of this age group crawl, dribble and play with soil so you cannot afford to let them wear expensive cloths, choose simple clothes for them.

They need shoes to protect themselves from weather. In summers, babies who do not walk need no shoes but there are cotton handmade shoe available for them. Leather and other material may be an option. Teenagers falls in 'fashion-conscious' category, they are well aware of what would look good on them and what not.

Buying day clothes for them is quite difficult. For girl, you can buy some smart denim skirts, capries, frocks and T-shirt these should be comfortable too. Bellies, easy to walk heels and sporty shoes are there for them.

For boys cannot experiment too much on types of cloths but there is huge collection of style and design in the market. They can try designer jackets, dungarees, capries and sleeveless T-shirts. Shoes with or without laces are for them. For night wear, everybody whether they are babies or teenagers wants comfort.

Baby's night wears include diapers before buying make sure the straps, bows and snaps should not come between the diapers. Teenagers have easy options for night wear they may be two-piece night suits or pyjamas and kurtas. You can extend your limits before buying special occasion cloths for babies. The dresses may be frilled, with some glitter work and the fabric may be a bit shimmering but again it must be really comfortable.

Imagine your baby girl in a fairy pink dress with frills and glittering embroidery on it! She would looks like a princess. And your lovely little boy would look like a prince charming in a cute dungaree with or without T-shirt along with a cap. For a grand party or a special occasion teenagers as usual want some extra special stuff. There is endless variety in this category they can choose whatever they wish as they can afford anything as far as fashion is concerned.

Shoes and sandals should be matching. Collect all this and teenagers you are all set to rock a party. Author Bio: There are a variety of children clothing and shoes available for all age group.

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